Alchemical cartography for Remembrance and Navigation.

Transcendence Map Oracle

This deck is a multi-dimensional experience of imagery and words. The cartography and poetry serve as navigation tools for deeper intuitive awareness and alchemical processing. The oracle layers reflect the nature of our vast, breathing, divine field.

Each card honors the whole of the map composition first, with individual pieces as a secondary component. The messages, synchronicities and symbolism stream through the design - all in connective flow. Transcendence Map is an interactive, playful puzzle in her essence. She reflects how we piece together the salty glints and glitters of synchronicity and our soul's truth-journey, in this realm. The oracle supports us in exercising our intuitive and dimensional decoding capacities.

Transcendence Map is here to aid us in unlocking more of our hidden, divine wisdom from the depths within the heart portal. The true helm!

Copyright & Created by: Erin Schuetz

Published by: Sacred Scribe Publishing LLC