Protection Crystal Grid

Protection Crystal Grid

I created this grid to move past and protect from the ill-intent was being thwarted upon me the last couple of weeks. After completing some banishing and protection rituals, this Protection Crystal Grid felt like the final piece of the puzzle, for now. I say for now, because the protection of my energy, of your energy is never complete.

I’ve placed this grid in my Sacred Space and allowing it’s energies to flow throughout the entire house. If you recreate this grid, I would suggest you also place it in your sacred space or on an altar, this way the energies really meld with your own and I feel grow stronger.


Protection Crystal Grid



Centre of the Grid

Brazilian Clear Quartz Cluster


4 Quadrants

Black Tourmaline with Mica + Quartz


Crystals Pictured above:

Smoky Quartz Roughs

Singing Quartz Points

Larvikite Tumbled Stones

Scolecite Tumbled Stones

Dragon’s Blood Tumbled Stones

Fire + Ice Tumbled Stones

Selenite Tumbled Stones

Black Tourmaline Chips

Fresh Sage Flowers from my Garden

I hope this grid offers you a barrier of protection.
I hope this grid brings you comfort and relief.
I hope this grid brings you a clear-mind.