Wisdom Within Deck Unboxing Walkthrough

Wisdom Within Deck Unboxing Walkthrough

Wisdom Within is an 88 Mini Card Deck that allows you to take a moment for self-introspection. Looking inward is an important part of self-awareness and can help you gain insight into your own feelings and behaviors. By implementing introspective practices, you gain a greater sense of self, foster deeper relationships, and forge stronger decision making skills. 

Wisdom Within was created with the intent to be used alone in moments of stillness and in conjunction with other tarot and oracle deck creations. 

Now, quiet your mind, Sweet One. It is time to journey through to the Wisdom Within.


If you look close enough you will see a different alchemical sign on the border, dependent on which cards are pulled.

Wisdom Within has 22 mini cards in each of the categories:

Action Cards (Fire), Question Cards (Air), Affirmation Cards (Earth), Advice Cards (Water)