In poetic prose, I revisit the scars of childhood abuse, molding me into a hollow shell of womanhood. Navigating immigrant pressures, cultures clash, tugging me in divergent paths. Unraveling buried trauma, self-destruction consumed, shattering false identities. Intuition emerges as my guide, leading through mystical realms to rebirth. From unworthiness to purpose-seeking, I rise, embracing happiness, truth, and destiny’s dance.

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Monster Dances at Dusk

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A poetic recollection of being abused as a child and how the aftermath shaped me to live my life as a shell of a woman. I take you through the front seat of my mind as I navigate the pressures of being the daughter of brown immigrants and how the clash of cultures pushed and pulled me in different directions.

Discovering the trauma stored in my body and how self-destructing from the inside led to the inevitable death of my false self. Learning to trust my intuition and the universe, getting lost and found in the world of magic and my prophetic dreams which ultimately guide me to the rebirth of an awakened identity. From not feeling worthy enough to live to searching for my purpose, pulling myself out of the hole, finding my happiness, and never looking back. Learning to live my truth, love myself, and instinctively play with my fate.

© Author: Duraiya Khan, Sacred Scribe Publishing